When productivity is failing #mindfulness


So I spend too much time on productivity, thinking I’m being productive but failing. Too much time reviewing and working on the systems I have set up instead of just getting on and actually doing the task…

I listen to so many podcasts and read content about how to be productive and successful but still it doesn’t actually help me make progress…

(But what is progress I ask myself faster than I can type the word?! Something to ponder.)

I’m writing randomly now in my “productive” slot to generate new content for the Rebootme website. I’m being daring and abandoning my structured system of searching saved links in the Trello app for content.

I’m just writing…

So if I need to examine why I am self-reflecting in this way and why my productivity is failing, then the first point I’ll make is that I am writing this outside sitting in the garden on a pleasant spring afternoon.

My wife is gardening and she loves being able to get outside. I see a rare moment when she is content and not worrying about life and our various family challenges and issues.

She’s relaxed and I’m feeling it too. Just sitting here writing down these random thoughts watching her working in the garden, gives me the karma I so often seek.

So I reflect on what has just happened. I have for once lived in the moment, enjoyed sitting in the afternoon sun and felt calm. I have written more in the space of a few minutes than I seem to be able to generate with the focussed writing that I normally task myself with, all in the spirit of being productive. Perhaps I need to change my approach to all of this?

I just need to relax and it will come.

Come to think about it, have I not just “rebooted” in the very way that our website promotes?

So there is nothing innovative with any of this, there is no ground breaking technology, cool gadget or sustainablity message. For me this has been about my personal well-being and perhaps a new step in my relentless path of self-discovery.

This has helped me…you should try it too.

Richard Branson’s 8 Keys to Happiness and Success (Entrepreneur.com)

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