Wearable robotics to transform snow sports #innovation #thinkdifferently

Rebootme Technology

Road Robotics are innovating with a wearable “power assisted” skeleton that supplements the human’s body’s muscle actions.

The applications are vast…you only need to watch futuristic movies such as Aliens and the “powerloader” to see how mechanical assist could transform our natural abilities.

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Robotic Ski Exoskeleton

Experience the first of its kind robotic powered exoskeleton to superpower your knees during alpine skiing and snowboarding. The sensors and the software on the exoskeleton senses user intent and automatically adjusts torque at the knee via air actuators effectively mimicking the quadricep muscles. The device is fully programmable and automated but with manual overrides thus always keeping user in control.


The exoskeleton can be controlled using an app on your mobile device.


We all dream of places to go, things to do – or do again – but our body has its own natural barrier…

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