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Rebootme is about filtering the noise of the internet and social media chaos.

We’re about providing you with highlights in design and technology, inspirational life hacks and images from around the world, and different ways to travel off the beaten track, with focussed categories.

We have your attention now or you’ve subscribed to the website, so we think we stand together on this?!

We are creating a “community” of like-minded people who still want to be digitally connected to the world but who don’t need the overload of million hits from a simple web search.

That’s why we’ve changed our home page and introduced simple buttons (here) to give you instant “hits” or “reboots” on our focussed categories. We want to do our part to help you get your design fix or to catch your curiosity with what overlanding is all about.

The Community…it’s not just down to us and we need your help!

Find your voice…we need to hear from you. Specifically you.

We both know that you seen or heard about something amazing that just blew your mind or took your breath away. We know that you’ve had a great experience in your life or that special moment that you’ll remember forever!

What we now want you to do…what we need you to do…is to share one of those gems, kicks, inspirations with this growing community.

Give us your own “reboot” right here on rebootme.online

We’ve introduced the Rebootme Forum, (link) as a way to share a link, that incredible image or a place to write a few words about a place you’ve been to, an amazing drink or the best food you’ve tasted…

We then want to feature your reboot on this website, with your permission, so that the Rebootme community and those that may follow, can also share that special experience.

Go the Forum and start making a difference…link

Help us to filter the noise – Rebootme !