Vertical living forest (ft)

Design Sustainability

The “greening” of tall structures should be part of planning gain, much in the same way as affordable housing quotas. Imagine a view of our cities of a series of green towers, living and breathing – the lungs of our most populated spaces….

living forests

Christopher Woodward (ft) writes,

“Bosco Verticale is the vision of Stefano Boeri, architect, academic and former editor of design and architecture magazine Domus: he begins his presentation with Ovid’s fantasy of the nymph Daphne being turned into a tree. But, he adds, such a metamorphosis adds only 5 per cent to construction costs. And, he argues, it is a necessary response to the sprawl of the modern city. If the units were individual houses, it would require 50,000 sq m of land, and 10,000 sq m of woodland. Bosco Verticale is the first element in his proposed BioMilano, in which a green belt is created around the city and 60 abandoned farms on the outskirts are restored to community use.”