Uber flying innovation over Paris #thinkdifferently #travel

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Elon Musk and Richard Branson are taking us underground in their hyperloops but Uber is taking autonomous vehicles to the skies with their concept for flying taxis.

Imagine the futurist worlds of BladeRunner as we thinkdifferently about how we travel our world!

Uber have revealed their “Elevate” research program in Paris at the Advanced Technologies Centre. The company is investing an initial €20 million ($23.4 million) over five years to create the Alternative Intelligence to control the many risks of pilotless travel over populated places.

Press release

Initial projects will include: machine learning-based transport demand modelling, high-density low-altitude air traffic management simulations, integration of innovative airspace transport solutions with European aviation regulators such as EASA, and the development of smart grids to support future fleets of electric transport on the ground and in the air…