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It’s 2018 and it’s time to “reboot”…

As we enter the New Year and reflect on the last 12 months and what’s ahead, many of us tend to go through a process of self reflection or review and make plans for the future, whether it’s simply a vacation, moving or a new career.

I am one of those people and my focus this year has been on my online presence and my blog.

I have been blogging for three years now. Initially my focus was related to my professional life as an Architect and I blogged about international Architecture, Design and more recent innovations in sustainability at my blog “Architecture & Design Muse.”

Through my professional work, I have developed some expertise in digital technology over the last two decades. This developed rapidly when I discovered Apple products and now I am self confessed fan of the popular fruit! As my knowledge of using multiple devices expanded and I recognized how many people in my life were asking my advice and opinion, I developed a new blog to share this knowledge with a wider audience through my blog, “How to…everything Apple?”

I live in Alberta, Canada now and a few hours drive from the Rocky Mountains. This inspiring landscape has developed my interest in “overlanding” and I quickly found out that there is an international community out there. I am in the early stages of building a rig capable of exploring off pavement and I had started documenting all of this at a small blog called “Overland Travel.”

Now I have three blogs on top of a career that demands a lot of my time, family commitments and an urge to travel more!

Time to reboot!


Let me introduce you to “rebootme” (www.rebootme.online) our brand new website. Rebootme is personal to us in the ways I have described above but we hope, in time, it also becomes a place for others to experience something different in the fields of design, tech, travel and ideas on work-life balance.

We see that these main categories are complimentary in many ways as we expand our minds in an ever changing technological world and strive for time to explore the environment around us.

All of my personal blogs are now located at this new site and now we have a single focus and look forward to better and more regular content as a result. I am also delighted to introduce Anita Johnson as our first new contributor. Anita brings her own personal blog to this site and discussion around learning, productivity and social inclusion.

She will also be expanding our “That’s Life” category in the coming months.We use #thinkdifferently a lot in our social media presence (twitter: @rebootmeonline) and we have made this our tag line for this new site. When we are having the most fun we are designing, teaching and mentoring, working with technology, increasing our productivity or planning to travel with “think differently” in mind.

#thinkdifferently will be a theme to a lot of our content on this site. If that is something that interest you too, then visit, www.rebootme.online

Happy New Year!

Daniel Johnson