#Thunderbolt Display is alive!

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My previous posts,
Here and again here explored the issue and various published fixes for what seems a common problem for our expensive Apple investments.
Many posts explain the issue as the display entering “hibernation” mode as an energy saver. Now this is a great but not much use when all you have is a silver and black piece of kit with no functionality!

Further research also highlighted that this is energy saving mode was unique to Thunderbolt displays produced for the European market where the regulations are more stringent.
Now back to my own scenario where I have a display, purchased in the UK and now sitting in my studio in Canada. Add the voltage differences between the two countries and suddenly you can see why I could be struggling…
The Answer

It’s a simple solution it seems:
1. Remove all cables from the display including the power cable from the mains outlet.

2. Leave the display standing for in excess of 5 minutes.

3. Reconnect the cables BUT connect the power cord to the actual display first.

4. Then, plug the power cord in to the mains outlet and EUREKA the display comes alive.
Now I have invested a lot of time to solving this issue so I am not taking any other risks. My display is no left permanently on (turn off the Power Saving slider in the System Preferences) and has a simple screen saver when I am not using the MacMini Server it’s connected to.
I hope this post is of use and solves your Display problems. Please leave me a comment or a “like” as it would be great to think I may have played a part in helping someone else too.


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