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Spencer Luckey is an Architect with a passion for play with a difference. These are not the typical, unimaginative and repetitive structures served up to our children. This is about self exploration, this is about adventure however that excites you. This is real child’s play!

Our Luckey Climber’s are three dimensional sculptures that define public spaces, encourage physical activity, and offer the sort of imaginative play experience that is important for intellectual development in children. Made of bent plywood or rotational molded plastic, suspended by steel pipes and hand woven cable netting, Luckey Climber’s are visually elegant works of art, part jungle gym, and once alive, become what Thomas Luckey called “fountains of children.”

Luckey Climbers

Luckey Climbers has now designed over eighty play structures around the world, each unique in design.

We have to challenge the norm and not except the banal. Think differently world!

Luckey Climbers

Founded by Thomas Luckey in 1985, Luckey LLC is a bespoke design-build firm specializing in creating unique and imaginative climbing structures for children-oriented institutional and commercial clients.

Positioned in the greater New York City area, we collaborate with clients across the country and around the globe to create signature sculptural works that define public spaces and draw in crowds of visitors to experience whimsical and exciting, but always safe, climbing structures.


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