Anita Johnson

Anita is a regular contributor to and her writings reflect her interest in education, learning and health.

Anita has a Bachelor of Education degree and 20 years of teaching experience from the United Kingdom. She has studied with “Dyslexia Action” and has expertise in Special Needs education. She is currently working with pre-school children.

Currently living in Alberta, Canada, Anita enjoys cooking, keeping fit and the outdoors, except bears and ticks!

Daniel Johnson

Daniel is Editor and designer of and a regular contributor.

Daniel is a registered and chartered Architect in both the UK and Canada, with over 20 years of experience in the design industry and is currently leading design teams in Western Canada.

His interest include architecture and design, sustainability, everything Apple makes (!) and overlanding.

A keen blogger for many years he previously authored the following design, technology and overloading blogs on WordPress before launching the rebootme site on January 1, 2018.

Architecture & Design Muse

A collection of thoughts, comments and articles from the world of architecture and design.

How to…everything Apple

As a professional architect and a self confessed Apple geek, I have developed a number of workflows and systems to make best use of my plethora of hardware and apps and to increase my productivity.

Overland Travel

Just an ordinary guy looking to explore the world beyond paved roads….overlanding in my Toyota 4Runner TRD off road.

You can follow Daniel on twitter @rebootmeonline