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Sunday morning…

What could be more relaxing than sitting down with a pot of perfectly brewed Yorkshire tea and freshly baked scones served with dollops of home-made jam for a mid-morning treat?

This is my idea of a well-earned weekend treat. Well that is until my much loved husband starts off on one of his frequent rants.

He will have a scone (to rhyme with ‘cone’)  but not a scone (to rhyme with ‘gone’ ) as I, and for the record always will, pronounce it!

According to my husband, I am simply wrong and the pronunciation of scone has been a hotly debated topic in our household for the last twenty years.

And then I came across an article in The Guardian,

“Do you pronounce “scone” to rhyme with “cone” or “gone? It depends where you’re from.”

That puts an end to this argument once and for all.

I am not wrong and what is more, academics from Cambridge University back me up.

Ok, I have to admit that my husband isn’t wrong either. Cambridge University have even produced a map of the UK, ‘The Great Scone Map,’ to show how the pronunciation of scone is effected by geographical origin.

Obviously, this has been a much debated topic in much greater places than our kitchen!

As a born and bred Yorkshire lass, yes I will say scone (to rhyme with ‘gone’).

And we are both right! Maybe now we can just sit down and enjoy the scones!

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