The debate on BIM – are you a believer? (AEC)


As an Architect and team leader promoting and actively using BIM on all my directed projects, I would suggest that we have anticipated the change in a timely manner ahead of the deadline in 2016. The following highlighted statement says it all for me and at times we as Architects have to lead and drive the design team to embrace the power of this approach. It is very much a case of “grasp the nettle” as there is a significant additional time and skill commitment at the start of a project using a BIM approach when historically we have been creating on foolscap with fat pens…

Martyn Day (AEC magazine) writes,

“The other dynamic at play here is the ingrained culture of working and the contract structures that do not reflect the shared risk/rewards that a truly collaborative project would require. BIM is not just about buying some software and training, it is about learning to work with other project participants differently and striving to make efficiencies.”

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