The 80/20 Rule of Productivity


Emily Mcintyre writing on the Trello blog,

Does your work week often start like this? It’s Monday. Coffee in hand, you browse through your email, Trello, Slack channels, and Instagram feed, taking stock of what to-do’s lay ahead, what your sister did in Cancun this morning, and all the projects your team has piled on your plate.

All of a sudden, it’s time for a meeting, and then an urgent project comes up, putting off that soon-due report you can’t seem to concentrate on. You do a brain dump, à la Getting Things Done. Everything looks urgent. Everything needs doing.

Hours slip by, and you still feel choked, overloaded with info and, worse, plagued by FOMO (fear of missing out). You end the day thinking of everything you didn’t do. You were busy all day, so why don’t you feel productive?

This is an excellent way to recover from overload!

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