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Architecture Design

AoE are an architecture firm based in Beijing, China. They were commissioned to design a sales pavilion for SUNAC in Chongqing to promote their luxury apartment development. The pavilion will be converted in to a kindergarten when the development has been sold out.

sales pavillion


The use of metal fabric as the secondary skin forms a sustainable curtain to protect the building from direct sunlight for energy saving. Also the internal and external space are linked visually and spatially in an elegant transition. Translucent materials presented by the looming visual blur convey a rich level of the depth in space.

At the same time, the graceful arc of metal fabric formed by natural mechanical logic salutes the Chinese architecture which conforms to the logic of natural structure. The elegant modern steel structure are exposed. The translucency together with elegant landscape creates a poetic zen space. Although the architectural form and the material are modern, but the core idea is the same as Chinese architecture philosophy. The Tao Nature, formless is the ultimate sophistication. AoE

Tao Nature

“Within the context of traditional Chinese philosophy and religion, the Tao is the intuitive knowing of “life” that cannot be grasped full-heartedly as just a concept but is known nonetheless through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.” Wikipedia


Chongqing is a sprawling municipality at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers in southwestern China. In the city center, the large, domed Great Hall of the People complex stands above pedestrianized People’s Square. On the other side of the square, the Three Gorges Museum features artifacts from the construction of the Three Gorges Dam as well as ancient art.