Sustainable flood protection #innovation #technology


NOAQ, a Swedish Company have innovated with a sustainable solution to combat an increasingly common natural disaster.

There is evidence to suggest that the effects of global warming are one the causes of increased flooding of our rivers, which are regularly having a major impact on our communities. Protecting infrastructure against the significant damage that can be caused by floods, is dangerous and requires effective emergency planning and resources. Until now the sandbag wall has been used and NOAQ have been developing a more sustainable and effective solution.

NOAQ have reinvented the traditional sandbag protection and innovated new mobile flood “barrier” systems that can be quickly deployed and demounted. Boxwall and Tubewall are held in place by their own weight when resisting the water.


Critically these new products can also be reused and weight less that 1% of the old sandbag option.



NOAQ Flood Protection AB is a Swedish company, established with the aim of developing and selling flood protection on the global market. There is a big need for more efficient and faster protection than sandbags and earthen levees, and with the foreseen changes in climate the need will increase even further in the years to come.