SSSHHH! by NASA supersonic jet #technology #travel

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NASA have been developing a new super quiet, supersonic jet.

The X-59 is 25 dBa quieter that all of its predecessors, generating 65dBa when flying at high-speed. The X-59 compares to the supersonic Concorde’s noise output of 90 dBa. The significance of this noise reduction is that the X-59 would be able to fly anywhere in the world and meet the sound regulations over populated areas.

The X-59 has been developed with Lockeed Martin to the luxury car version for the skies. The technology will be tested over the US city of Galveston later this year and volunteers have been engaged to provide feedback on the noise output as the plane generates the “sonic boom.”

These tests will guide NASA in the development of the X-59 which is due to start flight testing in 2021.