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Land Rover are a known part of history when it comes to overloading vehicles and off road capability. They have now started to acknowledge that heritage by using their engineering expertise to restore some of the their vehicles that are now classics.

“Forever Young: The Storey of Car Zero” is a photo and video record of the first Series 1 Land Rover.

Land Rover Series 1

After a life well-lived in Queensland, our show vehicle, nicknamed “Car Zero”, has returned to its home in Solihull. Having spent the majority of its life farming acres of land, it understandably fell into disrepair. But the Series I’s spirit will never rust. We’ve restored “Car Zero” back to its original glory, using all the original techniques, and all the original processes to ensure the Series I’s story is far from over – it’s only just getting started. Land Rover

Land Rover Series 1 restoration

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2018 LandRover Defender