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It was inevitable as soon as it was announced that Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in June  2015, that the demise of the fantastic, fast syncing productivity app started.

Their press announcement was full of optimism but that may have something to do with the rumoured $100-200 million deal, in my view.

On April 19, Microsoft launched their replacement for Wunderlist, “To-do.” Microsoft To-Do – Wunderlist replacement

Don’t get me wrong, I use Microsoft’s products every day in my professional life (not my choice mind!) and they work well and integrate seamlessly with each other but the Office 365 functionality is evident on their new app and…

As is common with many Microsoft apps, To-Do hooks into Office 365. Currently this is limited to sync with Outlook tasks, but Microsoft noted that it plans to expand integration later on.


…I don’t want to have to invest in their Office 365 subscription to be able to keep a note of my daily and regular tasks.

I originally moved to using Wunderlist because of its super fast syncing and then deployed it’s use with my family, exploiting the ability to “assign” tasks to each other. Indeed I have now done the same with my local team at work and the team sharing works great.

Back to Apple

However for my personal use and as a long time Apple user I’m simply not going to rely on a Microsoft product and the potential future disruption and service issues.

I have now moved away from Wunderlist back to the integrated Apple reminders app and deleted it from my OSX and iOS devices.