Reinventing the life-jacket by PLOOTA #innovation #thinkdifferently

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are a group of innovators reinventing the life-jacket. Designed for all water based activity, the device fastens around the neck and attaches two tiny, inflatable floatation tanks that are activated by depressing the tank’s end.

Kayak life jacket

The device provides a new freedom for the body while providing peace of mind for the user. It is already attracting plaudits from sports people involved in surfing, paddle boarding and snorkelling.


Captain Ward, an RNLI inspector in the UK, is widely credited with the invention of the forerunner of the modern lifejacket, who created a cork vest to be worn by lifeboat crews for both weather protection and buoyancy.

Cork life jacket

Photo (National Education Network Gallery)

The first cork life jacket was patented in 1765 by Dr John Wilkinson.



Mission statement

Everything started with a vision, with the idea to revolutionize the water safety. The spark was started by Rainer – the fire grows now together with the team.

Our international team brings out the best of everyone. It combines creative heights with a down-to-earth sense of security. A combination of creativity and experience, new technologies and trusted materials – and we do all this with one scope: to keep you safe when you´re in the water!