#Howto …recover a disabled iOS device #iOS


I claim to know my way around Apple gear and I am held up as the tech guy both at home and work but despite this, I still managed to lock up my new iPad Pro this last week!

Apple’s security kicks in when you enter the incorrect passcode on the lock screen on numerous occasions. After each failed attempt the interval between when you can try again gets incrementally longer.

My issue came from the fact I had received delivery of the new iPad Pro early in December and had tested it before setting it aside again for Christmas. When setting up a new device you have to enter a numerical passcode before you can then use touchID. I had done this but broken by golden rule of not saving the password in my preferred password manager, 1password.

When I tried to recall it when setting up the device, I failed multiple times to enter the correct six digit number and was locked out for fifteen minutes.

iOS recovery

The answer to recovery of a locked device is to connect your iOS device to a computer with iTunes and then force restart it by holding the Home and the Sleep/Wake button. You need to hold these buttons in place until the Apple logo appears and the recovery screen appears.

You will then presented with an option to either restore or update your device. Choosing the restore option will prompt iTunes to carry out a software update on the device and this will reset your iOS device so you can enter a new passcode.

At this time you’ll need to set up your device from scratch or restore it with an existing backup from a different device.
This was my “phew” moment!


Read this Apple support page for further information