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So this website was the sum of three separate blogs that I brought together in December 2017. The concept was to bring all my interests to one place and then enhance them in such a way so as to provide short inspirational posts and images about design, technology, travel etc. I call these pieces, “reboots” and so I renamed the collective site “

In my view the internet is so vast and seems to cover everything that you sometimes it’s difficult to find anything at all. Of course if you know what you want, it’s easy to get there but we all know that a more general search ends up with thousands of hits for us to make some sort of informed choice.

Have you every thought of what you’re missing?

Just with typing a few words or clicking a mouse, you can easily never see some of the amazing and sometimes mind blowing that is out there. I know I do and hence why I keep putting my personal time in this

I am trying to create a place where you can get something new and different that you were not really looking for. 

I’ve tried a few different approaches since then with a focus on a visual experience on the home page. I purposely want visitors to the website to stumble on something new that they weren’t looking for…I want you to get a “hit” on design when technology is your “thing,” to learn something new in innovative healthcare when you wanted to see more of that “wow” photograph or artwork. I want you to be inspired about some the amazing stuff that is actually going on in the world that we just don’t see or hear about in our daily media and press sources.

Is that just my crazy mind at play? Am I putting off the visitors that I need to get this really moving and “out there?” Does this concept work or does it just frustrate people that visit the site?

Of course has all of the standard ways to navigate around its content. It has the ubiquitous menus and you can search by categories that include design and travel, life hacks and the visual.

So why “Thoughts from the Editor” today?


I would appreciate some feedback.

I need to understand from you and the diverse audience that signed up for this newsletter what you really think about this site. I am motivated to keep pushing the content in the way I do with this site but if the principle just doesn’t do it for you then I’m up for a rethink because I still want to filter the noise of the internet and to share with others.

So I humbly ask for your comments in a simple reply to this email or take part in this simple poll. Tell me what you think.

Thank you for taking the time.



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