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We all know and love the droids from Star Wars, including R2D2 and C3PO but now technology has caught up with science fiction!

A “flying brain” is on board the International Space Station. The “droid,” called CIMON is able to float on command and uses AI to provide technical assistance to the astronauts.

Similar to Apple’s iconic desktop face, CIMON smiles at you from a visual display and is trained to recognize the face and voice of Alexander Gerst, a German Astronaut aboard the Space Station. It’s AI capability enables the droid to respond to the expressions and emotional states and has developed “emotional intelligence” to primarily assess the crew’s psychological condition.

This is designed to work in English. It understands Alexander. It will come to him when he speaks.

Bret Greenstein, (Global VP, Watson Internet of Things Offerings, IBM)

Read the press release here