Productivity in the design industry


Those who follow this blog or know me through social channels, will know that I am 20+ years experienced practicing Architect. I am passionate about great design and constantly strive to do my very best work all of the time.

It’s not easy….

Being creative, by its own definition, is not a “process” you can follow and end up with great results…

I think and advocate that you can learn your own specific approach to design and encourage those that I lead and mentor to be conscious of what they do and how they get there when designing.

Why? Because in the commercial world of design, you are always under pressure to perform. The day to day design professional needs to produce regularly and consistently to provide great client service, repeat business through reputation and needless to say, revenue.

Over the years, two decades now in professional practice, I have had to learn and develop new ways to achieve my own goals, the expectations of my clients and the demands of my practice.

Why? Because I still strive to do my best work all of the time…

In truth, there is a lot to being a design professional that is not only about being creative and designing new things. The business of being an Architect is complex and varies significantly day to day. Add to that the responsibilities that you assume when you become senior and a leader in your practice and you’ll soon understand why you need to work smarter.

A new type of blog post…

Which is why I have decided to blog about how to be productive in the design industry in addition to my usual subject areas of design, architecture and innovation. I avidly read how others do it and particularly those outside my industry and tried various different methods and approaches with my own work.

As a result I have picked up some tricks over time and developed some systems in an effort to Get Things Done.

If you can GTD (credit Dave Allen), you create time in your day and with that recovered time, you have the head┬áspace to get creative, because you can think, and because you have energy and with those things, inspiration….

Head space

What follows in this new “productivity” section, will be a series of ideas, techniques, processes and tools that, for me at least, create head space.