Thursday, May 23, 2019


dining out with the kids

Dining out with the kids #lifehacks #learning

Planning on dining out with the kids? You are enjoying catching up with your friend, who you haven’t spoken to for ages, until they casually drop into the conversation, Let’s meet up for dinner, oh and bring the kids Scenes of meltdowns, spilt drinks and pizza smeared walls, basically the stuff of nightmares, instantly flash […]

Games Night. Banter, Laughter and Cheating! #lifehacks

we are making new memories and investing in each other

Kids in the kitchen – it’s going to get messy! #lifehacks

Picture the scene… kids in the kitchen with a Mum eager to be the best ever and a three year old motivated by melted chocolate. What could be more perfect? Well ignoring the chocolate smeared cupboards, sugar induced behaviours and questionable looking cakes! Letting your kids cook with you, whether it be a sugar laden […]


Sustainability Technology

Magnetic North is on the move! #sustainability #technology

The location of the World Magnetic North has changed…and it’s moving quicker than before. The Earth’s magnetosphere, a protective magnetic bubble does not align with the Earth’s rotational spin so together they create a dynamo effect. We call the centre of this the “geomagnetic” north point. Its geolocation is influenced by the planet’s core 1800 […]


66 tons per second…of food waste ! #sustainability #thinkdifferently

New study finds food waste will increase to 66 tons per second if left unchecked We need to act A recent study suggests that by 2030, food waste could increase by 30% across the world if we don’t change approach. Presented a different way, 2.1 billion tons of food could be wasted or 66 tons […]


Cyborg Trees #rebootme #sustainability

Scientists have discovered “Cyborg” like trees that grow on an island in the South Pacific that have nickel metal in their sap. The tree is called Pycnandra acuminata and is part of a plant group called “hyperaccumulators.” It is found on the island of New Calendoia and it has evolved to draw certain metals from […]

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