A clusterfuck, SNAFU & a shitshow - what's the difference?


We love this article in Quartz at work where Corinne Purtill explores the critical difference between a "clusterfuck," a "snafu" and a "shitshow."

These are important expressions to understand and could be liberally applied to both your work life or political commentary. Perhaps some light relief from the challenges in the world as we write in March 2020.

Cornine's short piece examines the differences and applications of these three terms in the workplace.

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Life Hacks

How to sleep better - what we should be aiming for


We are all looking for that great night of sleep and there are countless studies and recommendations out there telling us what we should be aiming for.

As someone who suffers from bouts of insomnia, I'm also interested in the latest advice and direction to improve. I can recognize the difference in my moods, alertness and productivity when I have slept well.

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Learning to play an instrument?


Ever needed a reason to learn to play an instrument?

Neuroscientific research has shown that playing an instrument gives your brain a full work-out, especially in the Visual, Motor and Auditory cortices.

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Dining out with the kids


Planning on dining out with the kids?

You are enjoying catching up with your friend, who you haven’t spoken to for ages, until they casually drop into the conversation,

Let’s meet up for dinner, oh and bring the kids…

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