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We continue our Cool Way to Travel series where we profile some cool conversions of everyday vehicles in to overlanding rigs…


In 2016 Ian Dow converted an old Ford E350 ambulance in to an overlanding rig and took to the road.

I’d been searching for a van to convert and was blinded by the Sprinter fad,

After getting burned by a Craigslist seller — he backed out after I drove 12 hours to buy his Sprinter — I was depressed and I crashed my motorcycle.

Then I had an epiphany. I was in pain and needed some emergency help. Sitting on the couch that night with a busted shoulder, I searched eBay for ambulances, found a cheap one, and even Google Earthed the charity listed as the seller, finding the ambulance parked right outside.

Ian Dow, ABC News

Overlanding journey

His instagram profile suggests that he has visited 69 countries to date. Follow Ian on Instagram

The Vehicle

  • Ford Econoline E350 ambulance
  • 7.3L V8 OHV 16V diesel engine. Automatic transmission
  • Medtec Ambulance Corp. 94450 body

Originally published by Inhabitat 

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