One Podcast to rule them all @MacPowerUsers – homage to @MacSparky & @KatieFloyd

Apple Productivity


Mac Power Users are two legal professionals that run a weekly podcast and are one of my principle sources of knowledge on all things Apple and digital workflows.

These two cover an incredible amount of information on Apple, OS and iOS operating systems, provide useful tech tips, ideas on their own workflows and those of other noted digital users and Apple celebrities. There is a lot of content out there but I remain impressed that they can research, filter, present and prepare a new show every week in parallel to their professional lives.

Watch out!

Be Careful! I have invested an hour or two every week for some time, listening to these two. Invariably I have ended up following their advice and making a number of hardware, software and subscription purchases! Basically the podcast is free to listen to but the advice can have costs! (joking)

I will continue to listen and to follow their advice and direction irrespective.

Thank you David & Katie!

Check out this podcast for yourself…


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