Need a gum graft – hear my story? #health #life

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The real story…

Last August, referred by my dentist, I visited the periodontist for further investigation of my receding gum line and the faint hope that treatment was unnecessary was quickly dispelled as she calmly informed me that I needed a gum graft on two of my upper left teeth.


To prevent sensitivity, but more importantly,  damage to the roots of the teeth and the supporting bone and ultimately tooth loss. I simply refuse to think about loosing my teeth, I am not that old!

What is a gum tissue graft?

A small flap of skin is cut in the roof of the mouth (palate) and tissue from under it is removed and stitched to the gum tissue surrounding the exposed root. The flap in the palate is then stitched back down.

My first mistake on arriving home from the periodontist was to google “Gum graft,”

my advice is DON’T!

although if you are reading this then you probably have already.

Unfortunately, I did and it was with much trepidation, and scepticism from my husband, that I arrived at the periodontists. I have to admit, that when I started reading and signing the paperwork before the surgery, I began asking myself what am I doing and nearly walked out. But I didn’t and four days later I am writing this.

It seriously was not that bad.

Two hours later, armed with antibiotics, ibuprofen and mouth wash, I returned home with strict instructions not to do anything that would increase my heart rate or blood pressure for two days, and that included housework.

What an excuse! I got to spend two days on the sofa reading books and being waited on by my family.

Ok my mouth felt weird, but hey it is full of stitches, but it wasn’t painful at all. My palate did bleed a little but the periodontist soon fixed that up with a little extra tissue glue. There was certainly no burning feeling as I’d read and had nightmares about, maybe I was lucky.

So now on day four, my mouth movement still feels slightly tight and I am still on a soft food diet (a good way to detox after Christmas!) But everything is back to normal and yes that includes doing the housework! The stitches will be taken out in two weeks.

And the biggest pain of it all…the cost! Ouch