Morphosis Perot Museum_a critical view


In response to the critical piece…

It is so easy to make comment and indeed as an art form all views are subjective. Knowing the day to day challenge of delivering design in a commercial environment, meeting budget and stakeholder expectations and delivering through an all too often client preferred, procurement method and construction delivery; sometimes you can result in an apparent disconnect.

The interesting view would be to experience the galleries and to understand whether they provide an environment that celebrates their exhibits and in so doing enrich the visitor experience. This would be the true measure of how successful the architecture was…


The LA Time’s Christopher Hawthorne holds no punches in his review of Morphosis’ Perot Museum: “

“It is a thoroughly cynical piece of work, a building that uses a frenzy of architectural forms to endorse the idea that architecture, in the end, is mere decoration. Maynes design appears to put innovative architecture on a literal pedestal — or a plinth, to be exact — while actually allowing it to become peripheral, noticeably separate from the heart of the museum and its galleries.”

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