#Morpholio Trace new “ScalePen”

Apple Productivity

As a professional Architect who uses Apple tech day to day, I am always looking for suitable digital alternatives to my traditional design workflow.

There is still a uniqueness to hand drawing with pen and paper. It provides a natural, effortless and fast way to explore or explain design concepts.

With the introduction of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, I know had the closest solution to digital paper given the fluidity and natural feel of the Pencil stroke.


This was made in to a reality by the fabulous Morpholio Trace which provides a simulated tracing paper roll for sketching over images, drawing composition or mark ups.

Morpholio’s latest app development is the ability to “scale” the pen stroke which traditionally is done by using different pen nib sizes. This provides the ability is add depth to your sketches.

Highly recommended…