Magnetic North is on the move! #sustainability #technology

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The location of the World Magnetic North has changed…and it’s moving quicker than before.

The Earth’s magnetosphere, a protective magnetic bubble does not align with the Earth’s rotational spin so together they create a dynamo effect. We call the centre of this the “geomagnetic” north point.

Its geolocation is influenced by the planet’s core 1800 miles beneath our feet and its location, where the magnetic field lines all point down to the core, is influenced by the core of liquid iron. If that moves then so does the location.

We rely on magnetic north for the geo-navigation of our ships, planes and cell phones, so if it moves, then we have to recalibrate these systems.

Scientists speculate that the north magnetic pole is controlled by magnetic fields below northern Canada and one in Siberia.

The Siberian patch looks like it’s winning the battle…It’s sort of pulling the magnetic field all the way across to its side of the geographic pole.

Phil Livermore, geophysicist (University of Leeds)

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