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RedHouse Studio are a design firm in Cleveland, Ohio with a big sustainable agenda…

BIOCYCLER is -the first of its kind – building recycler that uses living organisms including microbes and fungi to make new buildings from old buildings. For this proof of concept project to be built in Cleveland, Ohio, we will construct a mobile unit that can recycle buildings from demolition debris to new materials.

This may eventually lead to machines that can take the millions of tons waste from natural disasters and convert them to entire structures in a matter of weeks, and we hope it will lead to a better understanding and appreciation for the nascent bio-materials market.

We use waste as building materials and microbes as labourers which makes for cheap and sustainable building practices.

Crowd funded

Inspired by nature and using natural organisms Redhouse Studio aims to recycle building waste…Help support this proof of concept to mitigate construction waste, and build sustainably.

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Redhouse architecture

In practice, redhouse engages in all facets of architecture, from research and innovation in low impact material technologies, to design and fabrication, to building commissioning and net-zero retrofits.