Kids in the kitchen – it’s going to get messy! #lifehacks

Learning Life Hacks

Picture the scene… kids in the kitchen with a Mum eager to be the best ever and a three year old motivated by melted chocolate.

What could be more perfect? Well ignoring the chocolate smeared cupboards, sugar induced behaviours and questionable looking cakes!

Letting your kids cook with you, whether it be a sugar laden chocolate treat or something a little healthier, is a great way of spending quality time with them (as long as you remember that you are not Gordon Ramsey of course). 

Cooking is an engaging activity that provides opportunities for developing a child’s communication, language and social skills, like turn taking and life skills. Let’s face it, I haven’t yet met a parent who doesn’t want their kid to learn how to wash up!

But most of all, cooking with your kids in the kitchen is simply hands on fun – a welcome break from technology distractions. 

And though the cakes may look strange, they taste good!

And if you want to make this fun into a history lesson, then the story of chocolate starts here…

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