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Apple have just launched the new iPhoneX iPhoneXS and XSMax.

At around $1500, buying the latest iPhone is a significant investment for most people but for some, this device has now become an image statement and a high end fashion accessory.

The Gray Brand’s products are also aimed at this market and they have just launched a case for the iPhoneX range (here)

iPhoneX case assembly

They have created this luxury case from aerospace grade titanium that is CNC machined to create a unique cross profile. The two parts to the body are secured by a simple torx screw to provide the  corner to corner edge protection.

At $1500 (US) it is as expensive as the top iPhone itself but it certainly makes a statement…

The GRAY brand

…founded and based in Singapore, owes much of its distinctive character to the city that we call our home. Inspired by the dynamic City-state, GRAY was born to unite the fine craftsmanship of the past with the spirit of the future. Our creations are daring experiments in design and mechanical artistry, engineered to excite your senses.


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