#iphone7 – the best screen cover @belkin

Apple Products

I have always wanted to protect the glass screens of my iOS devices, partly because they have always been a significant investment but also because invariably my family inherit them as Apple releases the next model.

I am now the owner of a shiny new iPhone7 and with this Apple Store purchase I also ordered a screen cover direct from the store.

I have always used the Zagg “glass” products, called “Invisibleshield,”


but Apple do not stock Zagg products so I opted to try Belkin’s “InvisiGlass Ultra” screen protector.


I have now installed the cover on my iPhone and while the feel and resulting touch sensitivity is excellent, just as the Zagg products have always been, it’s the application of the cover that is amazing!


It took me a matter of minutes to the follow the process but without a single trapper air bubble, lint or any other imperfection that has always plagued my previous installations.

Some would say that I don’t have the skills but believe when I tell you that I am usually the one that installs these covers for my family and friend networks, because I do have some aptitude to do it well.

No, this cover is a delight to apply and to use. I thoroughly recommend it.