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Apple How to...?

It wasn’t until recently that you could use an Apple email address to create an Apple ID. A ridiculous concept for this market leader.

For some, including the rebootme team, who are managing multiple accounts, having to set up an email account just for the Apple ID set up becomes difficult to manage.

Apple ID sign in

Here’s how you can simplify your set up around your Apple identity.





Before you begin:

1. Sign out of all services that use your Apple ID. (However you don’t have to do this if your using your iOS device)

iOS devices

1. Settings > Your Name > Reachable At
2. Tap Edit
3. Delete your current Apple ID
4. Tap Continue
5. Enter an email address as your Apple ID (@icloud.com : @me.com : @Mac.com)
6. Tap Next to confirm

Using a web browser

1. Go to appleid.apple.com (Apple ID page)
2. Sign in
3. Account > Click Edit
4. Under Apple ID, Click “Change Apple ID”
5. Enter an email address as your Apple ID (@icloud.com : @me.com : @Mac.com)
6. Click Continue to confirm

You should now receive a message to confirm that the change has worked.

Once completed, sign in to all services with your new Apple ID.

If you change your Apple ID like this, you cannot go back to a third party email. Your former Apple ID becomes an extra email address for the account.

Apple Support Page