#Howto … build relationships with your #iPhone and #Siri

Apple How to...?

Did you know that you can personalize Siri to understand who’s important in your life and then use Siri to engage with those key relationships?


First step is make sure Siri knows who you are!

Settings > Siri > My Info

and choose your own name from the Contacts list. Siri now responds to you by name.

The next step is to ensure that all of your important family relationships are listed in the Contacts app.


Siri set up

Next step is to tell Siri about your relationships. Activate Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and say out loud,

Example, “My wife is first name, last name

Example, “My son is first name, last name

Example, “My daughter is first name, last name

Siri will engage with you and ask you if you want Siri to remember the relationship, at which point you say, “yes.

Siri will then edit your details in contacts.app automatically.

In action

You can now use Siri dictation to carry out a variety of tasks specific to your recorded relationships such as,

Send a message to my son” and Siri will prepare an iMessage addressed to your “son” and ask you what you want to say…

You can also set up meetings in Calendar, create reminders and FaceTime using Siri dictation amongst other actions…

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