#Howto … #AppleWatch – adjust audio & tap settings

Apple How to...?

You can change the audio and notification settings on your Apple Watch and Apple provides other controls to:

  • set the volume
  • mute your watch
  • or turn on Do Not Disturb
  • adjust the strength of the taptic control

Adjust the volume

  • open the Settings app
  • scroll down, tap Sounds & Haptics
  • then tap decrease or increase

You can also tap the slider, then turn the Digital Crown.

Tap strength

  • Put on your Apple Watch and unlock it.
  • open the Settings app.
  • scroll down and tap Sounds & Haptics.
  • under Haptic Strength, tap decrease to decrease haptic intensity or increase to increase it.

For the best haptic results, the back of your Apple Watch needs skin contact. Use a snug, but comfortable fit.

You can also adjust haptic alerts using your paired iPhone.

  • ppen the Apple Watch app
  • tap the My Watch tab
  • tap Sounds & Haptics
  • under Haptic Strength, drag the slider to adjust the intensity of haptic notifications.

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