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How to airplay your music library in MacOS Catalina

How to...?

Have you recently updated to MacOS Catalina and want to airplay your music library?

If you used Apple’s Remote app to stream your music library to your airplay speakers, you may be frustrated with the recent Catalina update, as for this writer it does not work any more!

With the arrival of the new MacOS “Catalina,” there have been numerous warnings about Apple’s final shift to 64-bit applications and the death of 32-bit software. Therefore, the advice is to check your system for 32-bit apps before updating. In other words, watch out that the way you use your Mac doesn’t get compromised.

Then Catalina made the long awaited shift to the Music, TV and Podcasts apps, as they are in iOS; and so bringing an end to iTunes after an 18 year history.

Opinion suggests that the Music app is now built for current day music streaming and gone are the days of ripped CDs and MP4 tracks.

This writer read about both of these scenarios leading up to the Catalina install date a few days after its release. But what was not widely anticipated however, was that the trust Remote app would not make a successful transition…

This loses the ability to play networked media, that not bought through iTunes and in the Cloud, on airplay speakers.

For a music loving family, this is a big loss in our household.

But there is an answer and that is with the newly enabled Home Sharing function in the Music app.

Airplay your Music Library

1. Open Settings

2. Select Music

3. Activate Home Sharing

Activate Home Sharing in Settings

4. Open the Music app

5. Select Library

6. Select Home Sharing

At this point you should see your shared Music library listed. Select your library from the list and watch as your networked content loads up.

You can then play your media via an iOS device and broadcast through your airplay speakers.


In conclusion, this approach remains temperamental at this time, with the Music app sometimes not being able to connect and read the media content in our networked library.

We have discovered that reconnecting your Wifi connections can solve this issue.

Apple – please update your Remote and Music applications…