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Health Technology

These four inspiring young entrepreneurs were highlighted by the BBC’s Zaria Gorvett.

We have summarized their remarkable innovation and encourage you to read the full story at the link below.


Keiana Cavé

When she was only 15 years old, Keiana was inspired to do more, when watching the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

She studied that carcinogenic chemicals are created when the Sun’s UV rays penetrate floating oil which could explain the mutation of certain fish species and the death of young dolphins.

Keiana who is now 18, is leading “Mare,” a business focusesd on oil dispersal to limit the impact of the oil.


Rifath Shaarook

When Rifath’s father died, he carried his legacy with a focus on space exploration.

Working with five others colleagues from Space Kids, they researched ways to innovate the creation of a ultra-light satellite in the form of a 3D printed plastic reinforced cube. The tiny device is self powered and contains instruments for data collection.

They created the “KalamSat

Hannah Herbst

Inspired by a nine year old pen pal, Hannah, at only 17 years old, innovated ways to generate electricity for third world communities. She researched that many of these communities gravitated to the critical resource of water when settling and this inspired her energy source for power generation.

Her 3D printed hydroelectric generator is essential a hollow plastic tube holding a propeller to harness tidal energy from the water source. The simple device, using a tried and tested technology is being for wider applications.

Julian Rios Cantu

At 13 years old, Julian’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately lost both her breasts to the disease.

Julian took action and by 18 he had formed Higia Technologies with three others. High have developed a bra called EVA, with an early detection device. It monitors skin temperature and elasticity changes, symptoms of breast cancer and using computer algorithms, it can be used to assess the woman’s risk.

Read the full story here