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Design Sustainability

As an Architect I am always striving to bring new efficiencies to our architecture to provide sustainable solutions that are viable for our clients. This evolution in concrete slab design takes some existing thinking and refines it further with a product with multiple applications.

Holedeck is a system of voided concrete slabs slabs that can be pierced through their thickness by services and plumbing systems, drastically reducing the height required to accommodate these building components.

This technology has a multitude of implications for sustainability, especially when it is implemented on the scale of a tall building.

By reducing the necessary height of each floor fewer materials are required to achieve the same floor area as in a typical high-rise building. The spatial efficiency of floor decking systems has a dramatic effect on how tall buildings are planned, designed, and constructed. .

The strength of this system lies in its simplicity. The waffle pattern creates voids that can accommodate a customizable grid of building services.

Due to the way that HOLEDECK slabs are designed, the system eliminates the concrete mass that is not working to support shear,thus, reducing the overall weight of the structure without compromising its ability to achieve long spans.

. This results in an optimization of the built volume and concrete consumption, and thus minimizes the carbon footprint of a building project..

Holedeck (The Lean Structure)