#HighSierra macOS Server – what’s new?


*Now it wouldn’t be Apple if they updated one of their key applications and didn’t spell out what has changed.

I should know better (!) but in updating my iMac to the latest macOS, High Sierra, I then followed suit with the macOS Server that also operates on this machine.

And it’s different…*

1. File Sharing with iOS

Support has now been removed for iOS file sharing and you need to look for new ways to collaborate on documents. Apple Support Page

2. File Sharing

This is now controlled in one place outside the Server app in *System Preferences > Sharing.” Reports suggest that this is partly due to the move to the new APFS file system. Apple Support Page

3. Open Directory

Profile Management used to rely on Open Directory and with the latest update is no longer required. Apple Support Page

4. Caching Service

Similar to File Sharing, the Caching Service has also been relocated to *System Preferences > Sharing*. This is useful for those with multiple devices and uses a local network cache to download and update new files. Apple Support Page

5. Xcode Server

Now replaced with Xcode 9. Apple Support Page

6. Time Machine

Time Machine can now share a common folder for its backup destination. Be careful with this one. See the Apple Support page here

Apple Support for macOS Server