Half a billion trees! #rebootme #sustainability

Rebootme Sustainability

6000 workers : 500,000,000 trees

Every year!

These are the stats for Canada’s annual forestry industry. As the wood is harvested for wood pulp and construction materials, industry is legally obliged to repair the forests.

This workforce is made of a casual workers from around the world who get paid per planted seedling and those with experience can get through 7,000 per day.

Half of this effort is focussed in the western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and with 90% of all forests publicly owned, replanting is law. This follows the clear cutting approach the forestry industry takes which is designed to imitate natural deforestation by fire, flooding and insect attack.

The newly planted areas are then left untouched for between sixty to one hundred and twenty years before harvesting renews.

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Images credit: Pixabay Creative Commons