Games Night. Banter, Laughter and Cheating! #lifehacks

Life Hacks

Saturday night is now our family games night…banter, laughter and light-hearted cheating!

A few months ago, my husband and I decided that we had to do something to re-engage our kids now 16 and 23 years old, with some rare human interaction beyond their iPhones and bedroom walls.

This seemed an impossible task but after much racking of brains (and drinking of wine) we decided to reinstate a past family favourite, playing board games. The very same games that we had spent hours playing with our kids when they were younger.

You don’t have a choice!

Ok, so I admit that there were complaints when my husband announced in his usual “you don’t really have a choice” sort of way, that Saturday night was now family games night. Now our kids are actually rearranging their social calendars (and by that I mean with Facebook and YouTube) to be part of it.

At least once a week, we get to spend quality time with as a family, engaging in real conversation and enjoying each other’s company. It’s fun hearing them reminisce as they pull forgotten childhood favourites out of the cupboard. Favourites like UNO, Coppit, Sorry and Tiddlywinks to name but a few. 

we are making new memories and investing in each other

Yes, sometimes we all need reminding to take turns, lose graciously and that cheating really isn’t okay but we are making new memories and investing in each other. 

The Benefits of Board Games