From iOS #outlook to #spark

Apple Productivity

Readdle has just updated its email application Spark for the iPad.

My dilemna was that I have been using the excellent iOS Outlook for my numerous email accounts and the experience has been great, so why make the change?
As an iPad Pro user I am always looking for new apps that take advantage of the screen real estate on the Pro but that also embrace keyboard shortcuts that enable me to bring more of the shortcut productivity I learned on my MacBook Pro and OSX.

Essentially this appears to be the primary advantage of Spark. Holding down the command key on the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard brings up a double column of smart keyboard shortcuts and critically navigation tools that means I can quickly move between accounts, new email, attachments and even a calendar view that, unlike Outlook, taps in to my Apple calendar database.

Coupled with integrated with Cloud storage (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive etc) and then connectivity to Evernote and Instapaper, which the latter is an added feature that Outlook does not provide, then I decided to make the transition.

I haven’t moved all my email accounts over as yet, preferring to keep my iCloud account within Apple’s native

I’ll keep this blog updated as to how it goes but Readdle, bring on the OSX version of Spark and then you’re a serious contender as my single email application.