From #Evernote to Apple’s Notes



I have been a big fan of Evernote for some time as my “everything bucket” and I have been a Premium member for several years., until now…

My latest Premium membership renewal now stands at $62 (CAD) and it followed recent successive increases over the last two years. Evernote provides a lot and has some great features but this is now becoming a significant annual cost that I am not prepared to pay any longer. I am not walking away completely and will still use Evernote to store topic related links, but not as a Premium member.

But for note taking, I have now transitioned (back) to Apple’s Notes following the recent significant overhaul of the application’s feature set and the way it syncs across all my devices.

The challenge for me, which I researched before making the change in my workflow, was that I had some 5000+ notes in Evernote. The blogs and webpages all directed traffic to this Larry Salibra’s site and the Apple Script he has written for exactly this task.

Export Evernote to Apple’s Notes

I have now completed the export and in most cases the content exported well with only some formatting issues.


The article linked below is also a good read from a Pro user and partly why I considered the move.

MacSparky and Apple Notes