Frank Lloyd Wright move to Italy – insanity


FLW created architecture in context. He promoted a full consideration of the site and crafted his solution to capture the view and the light around a developed architectural diagram bespoked to his Client.

And then someone, an architect (?) wants to uproot it and move it to an completely alien location…? Perhaps it’s just because you can…?!


Architect Wants to Relocate New Jersey Frank Lloyd Wright to Italy | News | Archinect: “

Wright aficionado and architect Paolo Bulletti has launched an effort to purchase the 1954 Bachman Wilson House, one of Wright’s Usonian Houses in New Jersey, and transport the structure to the town of Fiesole outside Florence. —


1 thought on “Frank Lloyd Wright move to Italy – insanity

  1. I suspect that FLW would have created the immortal client if he’d been able. Static context in perpetuity, and a caretaker for all eternity. Why stop at designing the chairs and prescribing where they shall always be placed when he could have also designed the person to always it in it 🙂