Don’t Forget! Sharing lists. Apple’s Reminders or @Wunderlist

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We all now live in a age of the “instant.” Instant messaging, push mail, social media notifications etc etc. Our social culture has adopted the digital world and as a result we have information from multiple sources to manage.

Creating lists has been the answer for most and the “kick” from clearing your daily actions remains a psychological buzz. You just need to take a look at the world of apps out there to realize that the industry knows this too.

This post is not focussed on the apps but there in-built ability (or not) to share lists with others and to work together. Think shopping lists with your partner, vacation planning or travel plans.

 Apple’s Reminders

Reminders logo

Apple Reminders If you live in the Apple eco-system then Apple provides the excellent and ever improving Reminders. I have used Apple’s app forever and as a single user it works great, syncing across both OS and iOS devices.

The lists I manage:

However as my family’s “tech guy” and in balancing my personal and professional lives, I have a stretch need for lists, both private and shared.

Private lists

  • Action
  • Blog
  • Media
  • Photo
  • Professional
  • System

Shared lists

  • Home
  • IT support (one place for my family to record their IT issues!)
  • Shopping
  • Vacation

As a result I needed an app that could manage multiple lists, sync across all all devices and platforms but most of all have…


Apple’s iCloud sync is a huge leap forward (believe me – I was an iDisk and MobileMe user!) but I sense that their servers are coping with a lot as they manage Calendars, Email, Messaging, Documents, Photos and Music. As a result I found that my shared lists would not instantly update when items were completed but more critically would not always add new tasks for action for different users.


Wunderlist app

Wunderlist formerly by 6wunderkinder and recently acquired by Microsoft (see article)

Wunderlist doesn’t necessarily do anything better than Apple Reminders in terms of layout, lists or presentation but it now has…


Since moving back to Wunderlist, our shared lists are instantly updated with new tasks and completed ones. It’s a joy to use!

I am sure I will want to return to Apple’s Reminders in the future but not until they deliver a real time sync solution.