Did you hear that? How you will listen to your body in the future #health #technology #innovation

Health Technology

Advances in 3D vision technology and Virtual Reality are widely publicized and Google glasses have made this wearable technology accessible. Advances in devices that leverage our auditory senses and hearing are next on the horizon.

Poppy Crum, Chief Scientist at Dolby labs is aiming to “de-stigmatize” the use of hearable technologies. This is about a device learning about your physiological and psychological self through the sounds you make.

Hearable are devices that listen, they don’t even need a transducer, they could just listen to your body.

A Hearable Future: Sound & Sensory Interface

In this sound clip, Crum discusses how technology will be advanced with our understanding of the human ear and sound.

Soundcloud clip

The Ear is this incredible hub of insight between our internal state and the external world.

Crum also warns,

The power of the hearable is only realized if we let the device have access and process our personal data,


A timely statement given the latest suspicions that have followed the Facebook – Cambridge Analytical debacle.

Your reality might not be mine: Sensory Perception and Empathy

This TEDx talk is also a fascinating in-depth look at Crum’s examination of sensory perception.

Poppy Crum

…directs the growth of internal science. She is responsible for integrating neuroscience and knowledge of sensory perception into algorithm design, technological development, and technology strategy.