#devonthink – office database sync

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DEVONthink Pro Office became a real contender when I reviewed their iOS companion app, DEVONthink To Go.

This provides an iOS version of the application and at this time provides some of the essential tools for note taking, photo management and webpage archiving. I wrote the draft of this blog post in the iOS app before simply copying and pasting to my WordPress site.

What was critical to me was to be able to sync my information across my Mac based databases and my mobile databases. This “always in sync” status was where my previous preferred application, Evernote and others previously excelled. Until recently DEVONthink Office was more desktop and home network orientated.

Now DEVONthink Office and ProOffice allows you to synchronize the “Inbox” which is common to all databases via the usual cloud services such as Dropbox, Box and CloudMe. In addition it also allows for your full database to be shared between other Macs and iOS devices and thus completely portable.
Security is always the concern with web syncing and the developer has already taken that on board,


The next-gen sync released with DEVONthink 2.9is up to 688 times faster than our first-generation sync and up to 70 times faster than competing services (see the diagrams). It uses less disk or cloud space and requires much fewer files and folders. Also, it consumes up to 80 percent less bandwidth, less RAM, and less computing power.


Strong AES 256 bit encryption ensures that your private data stays private. Our sync encrypts all data sent over the local network or saved to Dropbox or WebDAV. Neither the service providers nor we can read the data without your consent.”
Follow the link to the Developer’s website for more information on database sync here

I have seen multiple recent updates from the developer over the last few months and improvements across the board. It’s good now and I can only anticipate that it is going to get even better.

Check out DEVONthink To Go at the link here