Customize Apple’s Finder a step further



You can rearrange the icons on Finder’s top panel and even add additional shortcuts via the “Customize Toolbar” command from the View menu.

This is nothing new but a somewhat hidden feature is the ability to add shortcuts to applications to this panel.

This can be achieved by holding down the command key, clicking on the application and then dragging it to the preferred location on the finder panel.

This can also be used to add files and folders, which provides the same shortcut link that can be achieved on the sidebar to any Finder window.

A big time saver if you’re biased to using the trackpad or a mouse…

For more tips, read the imore article here


Quick links can also be accessed through the updated version of OSX Spotlight. Hit Command-space bar for quick access and then type your application, file or folder for a list of choices.

The Alfred application is also a great option and at this time does an even better job of providing quick links to files and folders within the pop up window.